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Agua de Sedona "The Forest Blend" Hair Tonic

Our new blend -Agua de Sedona "The Forest Blend"Hair Tonic serves as a daily fragrance, is a healthy natural additive for all hair types and beards and is a grounding accompaniment to meditation practice. Moisturizing and rich with Vitamin E and Omega-3, the blend is earthy and woodsy with notes of forest pine, cypress and juniper and sweet citrus on top.

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Agua de Sedona

Alchemized with love in Sedona, AZ, Agua de Sedona is an all-natural eau de toilette & divine plant elixir to anoint, protect and cleanse. Each mindfully crafted batch is infused with the very essence of Red Rock Country and is the quintessential local, handcrafted, artisan unisex perfume of Sedona.

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