Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agua de Sedona? Can I drink it?

Agua de Sedona is a line of handcrafted artisan fragrances and body products. It is not for consumption but rather daily fragrance, ritual and practices.

How are the blends made?

Each blend is lovingly and intentionally handmade in our apothecary in Sedona, AZ by our expert blendmaker.

Are the blends organic?

Agua de Sedona used only premium grade essential oils and the finest pure, clean and natural ingredients. Whenever possible, we do indeed use organic ingredients, although we do not have the Certified USDA Organic certification for our blends.

Can I get a specific list of ingredients for the blends?

Yes! Email us at and we can give you the ingredients to help prevent any allergic or other reactions.

Are you in any stores near where I live?

Presently Agua de Sedona is in roughly 50 retailers nationwide. You can find a full list to see if our blends are anywhere near you at

Do you have or know of a shop we’d be perfect in?

Please reach out to us!


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