About Us

Hello and welcome to Sedona Spirit Water, the home of Agua de Sedona.

Infused with the very essence of Red Rock Country, Agua de Sedona is the quintessential local, handcrafted artisan perfume of Sedona, AZ. Designed as unisex blends, our small batch handcrafted fragrances and body products are made with premium grade essential oils and the finest clean, pure and natural ingredients and always organic whenever possible. We presently offer 4 different blends and are always in the process of capturing and distilling the next blend for your senses and spirit. 


As an almost 20 year resident of Sedona, AZ,  I have been humbled and honored to commune with this land. I have often noted, it is said that our body cells fully regenerate every 7 years, making us effectively a new person. If that indeed is the case, I consider myself reborn of Sedona's majesty. I have bathed in her holy waters and burrowed into her red rocks. There is no truer medicine available to humanity than the land itself and there is no better place to heal than in time spent in breath, in the senses, in remembering and acknowledging our frail and limited, yet, eternal and boundless nature. 

In the most basic sense, Agua de Sedona is a fragrance. Intentionally created as unisex blends, our ideal was to distill the high desert land we inhabit. Here, our Mother Earth displays an almost endless abundance of deeply rooted vegetation including sweet flowers and citrus, an array of pine, juniper and cypress, the mature musk from pockets of underground springs and monsoon rains sitting in our ancient canyons and washes all grounded by the earthy aromas of dirt and clay.

Yet, these elixirs embody so much more. Each of our handcrafted batches are made with intention and love. From the natural, plant essences we choose through the final distillation of our blends, Agua de Sedona is infused with breath, vibration and prayer. It serves as a channel to help guide us back to the experience of the mystical, limitless universe found within and without.  

We welcome you to our vision and invite you to join us on this journey as we remind one another, in the words of the great Leonard Cohen, “We’re on one road and we’re only passing through.” Agua de Sedona presents a tangible opportunity to drop into the moment, explore your sensual experience, and enhance your daily practice. Use it as a cologne or perfume, or use it to clear the space in and around you. We encourage you to explore our site and to reach out with your own thoughts, observations and processes. We look forward to seeing and hearing more from you in the time to come.